Hello and welcome to The San Francisco Call, the ministry blog of Josh and Alex Waidley.
Just a little history about the name of our blog, The San Francisco Call was a newspaper that began circulation in 1856. Mark Twain is named among it's prestigious writers and the paper even helped bring down Eugene Schmitz in 1907, a corrupt San Franciscan Mayor. Booyah! We choose to name our blog after this paper because the Lord has "call"ed both Josh and I to "San Francisco" to introduce college students and other San Franciscans to our loving Savior Jesus Christ. We believe the Lord can transform that city in which there is so much that can be redeemed for God's glory.

But more about the blog, This is the blog of a boy and girl trying their best to love and follow Jesus in life, marriage and ministry to varying degrees of success. The heart behind The San Francisco Call, is to give you the reader a deeper and more immediate insight and window into what is going on in our lives: our struggles, our successes, our failures, our circumstances, our “massive highs and crushing lows” if I may reference The Hold Steady (a band I love and my wife hates). Of course the irony of that last sentence (which used the word “ours” 6 times) is we believe nothing is “our” own; all we have belongs to Christ and works together for His glory alone. If you ever find yourself reading this blog and thinking, ‘Wow, Josh and Alex are so amazing” please, as the kids say, check yourself before you wreck yourself (do kids still say that?) and remember Josh gets way too angry when he drives and Alex gets too angry at Josh when he gets angry behind the wheel among many other things; in short, we are both desperate people in desperate need of the love and mercy of Jesus who are nothing without him. Our desire is that others would also know the truth of humanity's desperation while at the same time revealing the amazing love, mercy and savation that Christ offers to all, both here in Los Angeles (our current residence) and eventually (hopefully soon) in San Francisco where the Lord has called us to work with college students through an organization called Campus Crusade for Christ.

So there you have it, our first blog post (yay!). Some things to look forward too in the future:
Updates and prayer request about the ministry in San Francisco. Random thoughts, encouragements, prayer, bible verses and ideas God has pressed upon our hearts recently. Random opinions, reviews and musings on everything from pop culture to sports to the news. Example, A Where the Wild Things Are movie review haiku:
The monsters are sad
This movie is depressing
I’m falling asleep

Alex and I are excited to have you all along for the ride and hope you enjoy our quaint little corner of the internet. We love you all!

Josh and Alex Waidley
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