A Glimpse Into My Quiet Time

After hearing the synopsis of the book my husband is currently reading, The Prophetic Imagination, my already good quiet time suddenly became alive. The book is about the importance of the church letting the truths of God capture their imaginations and the imagination of the surrounding community thus seeping into the way they live and interact with the world.

What would it look like to be wholly enraptured and convinced of the truths in Isaiah 52:12? How much peace and strength are we willing we sacrifice for the sake of widely accepted false realities? But more importantly, what hope this offers when we let it overwhelm our imaginations.

Isaiah 52:12

"For you shall not go in haste, and you shall not go in flight, for the Lord will go before you, and the God of Israel will be your rear guard."

Here God is calling Israel out of Babylon and into the peace, happiness and salvation (vs.7) He has for them. A seemingly terrifying task considering they were asked to defy the world's ruling empire at the time. But God's word is truth and transcends any seeming reality of the world. He calls them to be confident and full of faith in a situation where one would naturally terror. We as Christians should always walk in this way; confident that the Lord goes before us in everything and protects us from everything as we go, do or say. If we flee or act out of fear, we may precede the Lord and become vulnerable to attack. With prayer, petition and obedience to the guiding of the Spirit we must walk in the divine confidence that God goes before, with and defensively behind us in everything.
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Another morning in mourning we thought
Anticipating the weight of familiar grief.
They came early, brave where men would cower
Dawn revealing mystery behind mystery.
We ran, hope and fear pushing, driving us
And if one would not believe it, could you blame him?
We didn’t notice Creation redeemed,
As it celebrated we searched our hearts for clues.
He had mentioned this before hadn’t he,
Something like this?  An act full of power and love.
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