Some Thank Yous

Thank you for today, and if it come tomorrow
Thanks for the cold air that makes its home in Autumn
Thanks be to God who makes mornings like this happen
Thanks to rain swept days when all weather rules slacken

Thank you Christ who in love can laugh at my expense
Thanks Alex for making my scattered thoughts make sense
Thank you Paul and Kevin, friends who never stale
Thanks Mom and Dad who always answer, never fail

Thank you orange leaves who teach all springtimes must end
Thank you for your patience Lord when I am a wretch
Thank you there is stuffing for those who hate turkey
Thanks for days of gratitude, we need more dearly

Thank you for the rocky paths that lead to redemption
Thank you that You love us without condescention
Thanks to my wife who proves life isn't always fair,
'Cause I don't deserve a love so sweet but she is always there