Back In The City, Back In The Fog

This morning I woke up, grabbed my Bible and journal and sat down at my desk to read, which is where I am writing to you now. I can not help but reflect on how today is another gloomy day. Nothing puts me in a somber mood quicker than waking up to a grey sky. Especially after spending a summer in LA and Colorado full of blissful sunny skies.

Somberness sometimes turns into a disagreeable mood, and a disagreeable mood sometime turns into depression all because the fog has a strange ability to slowly drain the hope out of me. This all sounds silly huh? Especially since I can drive 15 minutes to another part of the city and bask in all the UV I want. But that's just it, and that's just what hit me today.

I said to myself this morning, after taking in all the grayness my living room window let in, "Yes, but the sun is still shining." It started with the realization that the sun was still shining in other parts of the city, in other parts of the nation and even in other parts of the world, but then my realization went deeper. The sun is still shining here. In the Outer Richmond district of San Francisco, here at my house. The fog is merely shallow and fleeting. Yes it's here now, but it comes and goes and is powerless against wether the sun shines or not. For the sun will always shine whether I can see it or not. In fact, if it didn't I could not move or see at all and I would not live in a way that hopes to see it's rays. This thought filled me with a smidgen of joy.

For the Son always shines despite the fleeting reality of fog.

-A. Waidley


Lindsay said...

I love this, Alex. Thanks for writing! Were you around when I was the poster woman for a book I just read? I think every Christian should read it...Interrupted by Jen Hatmaker. Super fast read and really well written. Let me know if you read it! It is ministry changing and life changing :)

Alex Waidley said...

I wasn't there, what is the book about?

jwaid said...

There is something sweet about being able to reflect deeply....even in the fog. thanks for sharing your thoughts!