The Comforts of Fall

Of all the seasons, Autumn offers the most opportunities for comfort. As the temperature starts to drop (which still has yet to really happen in Southern California, I mean 90 degrees in November? C'mon!) comfort can be found in a hot cup of coffee, where in the summer a similar cup is simply the morning fix of a drug addict (just admit it everyone). On rainy days, comfort is found in the soft sound of drizzle on your window as you curl up for an extra 10 minutes in bed. In late October the sights and sounds of World Series baseball comforts in a way a mid-summer game does not, and even though some people may disagree with me (my friend Paul calls baseball, "napball", but he also refers to a bicyle-kick in soccer as a "cinderella kick" so he isn't exactly a reliable source for opinions about sports). Halloween offers the comfort of children walking around dressed in various costumes ranging from the, 'wow how cute', to the, 'dude i didn't even try, just give me some candy already'

When Autumn rolls around, suddenly movies like any of the Harry Potters and You've Got Mail are THAT much more magical and colder weather means everyone dresses better and the air smells like fireplaces or pumpkin spice depending on if you're walking down a street or within a mile of a Starbucks. Unfortunately it is also the season of sickness and the flu and staying home from school because you are hacking up a lung and have a fever which horrible. That is, unless you have successfully tricked your parents into thinking you are sicker than you actually are, in which case staying home from school becomes great cause you get to watch tv all day and not do anything.

The point is...well this post has no point other than to pay tribute to my favorite time of the year (besides Christmas, duh). The many comforts of Fall are varied and wonderful and different than other times of the year. For some reason, they are a bit crisper in Autumn, a bit simpler and a bit more magical. I can't really explain it...


hintofselfexpression said...

That is the absolute best costume ever! And how does one do coffee art like that??

Josh and Alex Waidley said...

Didn't you know Jen, I did that kind of stuff at canyon market!