Introducing Movie Review Haiku

For the first installment of Movie Review Haiku's on our blog, I am going to get us caught up to date with haikus about most of the movies I have seen in 2009. As only 1/2 of the editorial committee for this webpage, I must announce in full disclosure, that the view expressed in these reviews in no way represent the opinions of my wife when it comes to these movies. She is her own independent person, with her own taste and preferences and that makes me love her even more. Enjoy!

I Love You Man -
Paul Rudd is so cute
"Totes-magoats" is just the best
Alex loved it too

Adventureland -
Under the radar
Much better than Superbad
Somehow forgotten

State of Play -
I saw this I think...
Something about corruption?
I don't remember...

X-Men Origins: Wolverine -
Despite the Jackman
And his chest hair, this movie
was just so awful

Star Trek -
Now THAT'S how you make
A great big-budget movie!
Take notes Wolverine

Terminator Salvation -

Up -
Balloons equal love
An old man, a bird, a boy
Made me laugh and cry

The Hangover -
Steals the movie and makes it.
Slight whiff of bro-ness?

The Proposal -
Saw it on a plane
Wanted to blow up the plane
Was stuck in the plane

Public Enemies -
Trench coats, slick and cool
J. Depp is still my man crush
Not sure I liked it

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
A great set-up film
For the assuredly grand
"The Deathly Hallows"

(500) Days of Summer -
I hate her so much
She manipulates his heart
Alex disagrees

Julia & Julia -
Made me love butter
And Meryl Streep's Child accent
She is always good

District 9 -
How did they make this
So awesome and real looking?
You need to see it

17 Again-
Why does Zach Efron,
Love to show his b-ball skillz?
Still, he is funny

Inglorious Basterds -
Rewrites history
And kills Hitler in the end.
whoops, spoiler alert!

Zombieland -
I do love zombies
They are just fun to watch die
So is Bill Murray


Brian Virtue said...

that was awesome. I haven't seen most of those movies and now I don't have to since you've covered it. Little kids pretty much terminate the movie going life for a while.

hope you guys are enjoying the married life!