Real Life Grace

What does grace look like in real life? We experience it everyday as believers, but for some reason when we look outside of ourselves at the manifestation of grace in another person's life it brings the weight and beauty of our God who extends that grace into full display, not only in the person's life we are observing but also in our lives as we are reminded that we receive the same grace despite our inadequate-undeserving selves.

Danny is a student Josh met when visiting Real Life, the Campus Crusade group we were both a part of as students at UCSB, while he was working on raising up a support team for his internship in SF last year. God graciously choose to use Josh in Danny's life to share with him the work that Christ has accomplished on our behalf in light of the outstanding grace of God, and what a truly Amazing Grace that is.

This is our motivation for going to San Francisco with Campus Crusade; this is our motivation as believers: the beauty of the grace of God and the way it changes lives and manifests itself in our own everyday lives when God uses us for his purposes.